Accounting Services

ur company serves accounting and liable taxing services correctly and completely following Accounting standard punctual and reduce any burden tax risks in The Revenue Department Auditing with our professional working team who arrange registered accounting correctly and completely follows regulations by professional and experienced coordinators.

Monthly Accounting Services follow as

1. Company’s certified accountant application under regulation lists.
2. Daily account books, account books, ledger account and any accounting report transactions completely under law of accounting and revenue which are scoped of implicated service as following

          Scope of services for Income Tax Filing
          • Workers’ (Personal) withholding income tax handling and application(P.N.D.1)
          • Personal withholding income tax handling and filing (P.N.D3)
          • Juristic person withholding income tax handling and filing (P.N.D.53)
          • Value added tax handling and filing - VAT (VAT30)
          • Monthly input tax and output tax report handling
          • Mid-year corporate income tax handling and filing (P.N.D.51) year-end corporate income tax handling and filing(P.N.D.50)
          • Financial Statement Report handling and filing submit to Ministry of Commerce (SorBorChor3)
          • Workers’ (Personal) withholding income tax handling and filing (P.N.D.1ˇ)

3.Accounting data recording with acceptable program of The Revenue Program, which could be submitted the overall operation.
4. Yearly financial statement handling before auditing by auditors along with completely financial detail such bank reconciliation, debtor and payable outstanding, asset register and depreciations.
5. To meet and elucidate in case inquiry of The Revenue Department

Accounting data items recorded services

Our company serves accounting data recording services in accounting system which customers could check accounting items, apply accounting information and report for your services promptly that composed with according documents below

          - Related Selling items documents such as tax invoices , delivery notes, receipts
          - Related purchasing items documents such as tax invoices, receipts, invoices
          - Related non-input tax documents such as petrol expense, toll way expense, others, etc.
          - Withholding tax certificated such as P.N.D.3, P.N.D.53 (paid case)
          - Related customer’s paid documents such as received voucher or pay in slip
          - Related settlement paid documents such as received voucher or withdraw slip
          - Bank Statement for current account and business’s deposit account book
          - Receipt included VAT 30, P.N.D.1, P.N.D.3,P.N.D.53 and Social security
          - Yearly finance statement at December31st or follows Company’s rule which are composed of ledger account trail balance, earning statement and balance sheet included related detail.
          - Account book handling completed as law listed such named book, receipt journal, named book, general day book, and general ledger.

Accounting system services

Regarding to our company has been experienced in account handling, tax and revenue planning of various business types thus we skillfully account system handle and promptly provide advice about chart of accounts system included initial document preparing that are account recorded needs, capital and production planning in order to apply price list and accurate capital control. Our company is pleased to serve services to all sized business in order to be well and correct tax and revenue results.

Service fees

Service fees listing of accounting audit are standard and reasonable price, proper with levels and complexities and business risks.

Service Fees
Month S
2,000-3,000 Baht per Month
Month M
4,000-6,000 Baht per Month
Month L
Start at7,000 Baht per Month

Service fees rate of provided auditors

For service fees for provided auditors are depend on business complexities and company’s paper quantity. That our company would be calculated service fees from employees of auditing and working period significant. The service fees start at 8,000 baht.(Provided for financial statement with inactive transaction during a year )

Audit system services

          - Yearly financial statement auditing by Certified Public Auditors (CPA) as regulation listing
          - Defect lists report handling of internal control as audit (If any)
          - Detail prepared service is performed for financial statement filing together with Ministry of Commerce submitting such SorBorChor 3 and Shareholders list (BOJ5).

Service fees for yearly financial statement and account audit handling

Our company helps to save by commuted rate included yearly account fees and service fees of provided auditors for business with inactive transaction during a year only 13,000 Baht.


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